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tv   wusa 9 News at 7pm  CBS  December 10, 2015 7:00pm-7:31pm EST

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right now at 7:00, remembering a police officer who died while trying to protect others from the very crime that killed him. >> i felt like kenneth saltzman was just paying a parking fine, not paying for two lives. >> the father pays up for the deadly decision to let teens party at his home. >> a man suspected of sneaking into women's homes and stealing their underwear. how police say he used their social media pages to track his victims. >> and the wildly popular serial podcast debuts its first new season with the first interview from sergeant bowe bergdahl. >> first tonight though. montgomery county's top police officer doesn't hold back while talking about a fallen comrade. thanks for joining yours. i'm jan jeffcoat. >> and bruce johnson. 24-year-old officer noah leotta died today after getting hit by an alleged drunk driver last
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week. loved ones and fellow officers gathered to honor him for his sacrifice. >> reporter: officers, family and friends are mourning the loss of officer noah leotta. this afternoon, a somber ceremony commemorated his life. a show of solidarity for officer noah leotta. >> present arms! >> reporter: with heavy hearts, people wiped away tears as they drove by thursday afternoon. >> he is an officer that always smiled even if there wasn't something to smile about. >> reporter: last thursday he was hit by a driver suspected of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. the driver, luis reluzco hasn't been charged. montgomery county police chief tom manger express the frustration thursday during the news conference. >> that the state of maryland has some of the weakest
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penalties for drunk drivers! >> reporter: officer leotta is the 36th person to die in a car crash in montgomery county this year. in one-third of the cases, the drivers were drunk. >> killed by a man who decided to smoke some dope, drink for four hours and drive. >> reporter: the police chief wants officer leotta's death to be a catalyst for changing the penalty for drunk driving. reporting in montgomery county, stephanie gale heart, wusa9. officer leotta graduated from montgomery county police academy in 2013. and he was a patrol officer at the wheaton substation. we have posted the full remarks from the chief at that press conference on our website at wusa9. only on 9 tonight more calls today to change maryland law after a north potomac father pleaded guilty to allowing underaged drinking at his home. wusa9 was the only media outlet in the courtroom today when a
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judge sentenced kenneth saltzman. two teenagers died two others were hurt, when they left a party at his home this summer and crashed their car. the judge gave saltzman the maximum, $5,000 fine. the parents of one of the victims said they were frustrated. >> seriously injuring two, killing two, and putting the lives of more than two dozen at risk is really disgraceful and the maryland law needs to change. >> i can't believe you can walk in and write a $5,000 check and i'm never getting my son back. >> the murk family plans to fight for new laws in maryland to increase the penalties for this crime. police say there were more than 20 underaged party-goers drinking alcohol at the saltzman residence. 21 months after she disappeared, dc police today launched a very public search for little relisha rud. >> reporter: hopes that investigators would finally
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find some answers in the disappearance of the 8-year-old girl from her homeless shelter. those hopes quickly dashed. dogs didn't find her in this construction site. they walked the lot and didn't find her. the ground is just across the street from the fifth district police station. but perhaps more important it is just a few hundred yards from the holiday inn express the hotel where relisha rudd was last seen alive on grainy surae chinn with khalil tatum, the janitor at her homeless shelter. >> often times children are not taken very far especially in the case of a child that may have been murdered or violently victimized. >> reporter: police believe tatum murdered his wife and killed himself. they suspect he bought lime, a shovel and garbage bags to bury
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relisha. but despite massive searches, they have found no sign of her. police chief says this is just the first of at least two sites that police are planning to search over the next few days. in northeast dc, bruce leshan, wusa9. >> investigators are going to get a fresh look at an unknown scene next. he became known for passionate pleas in the search for hanna graham. the police chief took the stand to defend a baltimore police officer's actions with freddie gray. longo is a former baltimore officer himself and he testified william porter did in fact act reasonably in not restraining gray in the back of the police van. porter told the jury yesterday he did not call for help sooner because he did not see any sign that anything was wrong with gray. his trial is expected to wrap up a week from today. one person is dead a second unaccounted for tonight
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following a fire that gutted a house in severn maryland. it started at 3:30 a.m. on old camp mead road this morning. when fire crews arrived, the house was engulfed. crews found a body. a second person should have also been inside the residence. crews plan to resume searching tomorrow. but since the structure is so unstable, they are going to need special equipment. new tonight, a man charged with sexually abusing a 13-year- old girl is now also charged with trying to hire a hit man to kill her and her mom. the 22-year-old tyrone warren, in august, investigators arrested and jailed him on the sexual abuse charge. they say from his cell he called an undercover officer who was posing as a hit man. he allegedly offered him $5,000 to kill the girl and her mother. he faces attempted murder charges. police arrested a man suspected in an attack that left one man dead and another
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hurt at a sunoco gas station on georgia avenue last night. the station was shut down. officers and medical teams were on the scene. the store clerk says the murder and the assault happened on the side of the building but it began inside his store. >> this gentleman came in around up to 8 in the evening yesterday and then after 2, 3 minutes i saw two other guys outside. so they were yelling back to go back and forth from outside, [ indiscernible ] and then i told them to stop but nobody listened. >> the investigation is still ongoing. please call police if you know anything. tonight the fbi testing a white powder sent to the council an american-islamic relations headquarters known as cair. >> it was a white powdery substance apparently came out of the envelope when it was opened by our civil rights department and that's the point
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when they contacted authorities. >> hazmat teams and a slew of emergency responders rushed to the group's capitol hill building. two employees exposed to the powder stayed in while everyone else was evacuated. after two tense hours field testing showed the substance was not dangerous. further testing will show what it is and possibly who sent it. big changes tomorrow in prince george's county. we have learned tomorrow morning that police chief will be leaving his post and moving up to county government. ist expected to be promoted to director of public safety. he has served as the county's top cop since 2011. county government sources tell us an official with the department will be named acting chief of police on an interim basis. we'll be there for tomorrow's announcement. you can follow all the developments on the free wusa9 app. we got a runaway train with people on board. how it managed to blow through several stations what it took to get the train to stop. >> let's talk about the
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weekend. why not? let's talk about record highs. all right? record high on friday is set at 68. record high on saturday and sunday 71. you know what? may not hit it on friday. may not hit it on saturday. we think we are going to hit 72 and set a new record on sunday. we'll come back and talk about the prospects of fog redeveloping overnight. and also, look ahead. is it ever going to get cold in the metro area? >> a warning if you post pictures online, we are going to tell you who you one man is accused of stalking and stealing from his victims just by looking at their social media pages. that's after the break on wusa9 and yo
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the pressure is mounting for chicago's mayor to resign. >> rahm emanuel has to go! >> in downtown chicago dozens of medical students staged a die-in while demanding that mayor rahm emanuel step down. protestors accuse him of trying to cover up last year's deadly
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police shooting of 17-year-old laquan mcdonald. an illinois state lawmaker has filed legislation that would start the process of a recall election. the pacific northwest is getting pounded by another day of rain. a string of storms already has killed at least two people in washington state and oregon including an elderly woman. police say her husband drove around a road closed sign and quickly went under water. he escaped through the sunroof. she did not. heavy rain is make roads look like rivers but it's also triggering landslides that are dumping boulders and trees on busy highways. >> the massachusetts governor says the passenger train that left without a driver near boston this morning was tampered with. 60 people were on the mbta train. it traveled through four stations and only stopped after crews cut off power to the third rail. the train's operator is recovering from minor injuries from getting brushed by the train as it left without him. the governor says somebody knew what they were doing when they
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tampered with that train. a group of friends in california says the same man stalked and burglarized their home. they didn't know who he was but he knew about them thanks to their social media pages. police say arturo galvan used gps data embedded in photos they posted on facebook and instagram to find out where they lived. then he stole computers, jewelry, even underwear. even though the woman didn't disclose their location, that geo tagging feature on their instagram accounts revealed a map of where they were posting which was often at their home. so police say to go to your phone's location services setting and click, never, when it asks allow location access. >> you just did that. >> i just did that. for the first time ever, bowe bergdahl talks about walking away from his post in afghanistan. hear why he said he did it after the break. >> and chipotle's founder promises changes after dozens of students got sick from eating at the chain. that's after the
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metro transit police have identified and questioned the young woman who is suspected of being in a group of teens who attacked two gay men riding the green line last month. it left a man with injuries all
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over. they say it was a hate crime. >> they were picking at me because i was handicapped and called my a [ censored ] >> the man claimed a metro train operator ignored calls for help on an emergency intercom. the metro disputes that saying the train operator is the one who called police who eventually met the victim at the shaw howard station. a 14-year-old boy was also attacked and robbed. this is the day serial podcast fans have been waiting for. the second season did debut this morning. it focuses on army sergeant bowe bergdahl who spent five years as a taliban prisoner. weijia jang reports listeners can hear his explanation of what happened for the very first time. >> reporter: 20 minutes after abandoning his military outpost in afghanistan in 2009, sergeant bowe bergdahl says he realized it was a mistake. >> what suddenly really starts to sink in that i really did something bad. not bad but i really did something serious. >> reporter: on thursday, we
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heard from bergdahl for the first time in taped conversations between him and a filmmaker featured in the new season of the popular podcast, serial. he said he left his post to draw attention to leadership problems in his unit. >> alls i was seeing was basically, leadership failure to the point that the lives of the guys standing next to me were literally from what i could see in danger of something seriously going wrong and somebody being killed. >> reporter: about a day after he left, the taliban found and captured him. >> they pulled up and that was it. >> reporter: bergdahl spent five years in captivity often locked in a dark room. >> how do i explain to a person that just standing in an empty dark room hurts? >> reporter: bergdahl was released in may 2014 in exchange for five taliban
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prisoners. he still faces military charges that could bring a life sentence. weijia jang, cbs news, washington. also today the house armed services committee put out a detailed report claiming the obama administration did not follow the law when it made that prisoner swap. chipotle's founder says he is sorry students became sick after eating at the chain recently near boston college. public health officials say norovirus was held at the restaurant. the school says 141 students have reported feeling sick and nearly all of them ate at chipotle. the founder is pledging to put in place sweeping new food safety practices. the chain also has been rocked by an e. coli outbreak recently sickening dozens of people in nine states. forget apple and android. walmart is developing a mobile payment system of its own. you can use any major credit or debit card as long as it's connected to the walmart app. it will be available on iphones and androids. walmart is rolling out the system in select stores this
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month. so it's going to be in all stores by july of next year. and if you are craving a taste of the '90s, pepsi has one way to quench your thirst possibly. today and tomorrow it's running a contest through its app giving away six-packs of crystal pepsi to 13,000 fans. remember that? i don't remember that. the clear short-lived soda fizzled out in 1993. they haven't said whether the contest is the first step in bringing that drink back permanently. [ music ] so it tastes like pepsi without the coloring. >> it's clear. >> but -- >> yeah. >> who came one that idea? >> i don't know. >> wonder if he is still with pepsi. >> that was around a little longer than new coke. [ laughter ] >> or maybe not. i don't know. >> i don't remember that at all, either. three degree guarantee. in good shape today. i felt confident today especially with the fog in the morning. it burned off and we went for a
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high of 59. that gave us some wiggle room. we'll talk about how we did tonight at 11. we showed you earlier just before the break the first break, that we're looking at some record territory. mainly in the 40s in the suburbs. light winds. we'll see a similar pattern, chilly tonight, a little patchy fog. i don't think it will be widespread like it was today. but again, just patchy fog. bus stop temperatures 38 to 53. that's actually comfortable for what's almost now mid-december. outdoor plans are safe this weekend and, in fact, you might want to think about making outdoor plans doing stuff you don't normally do in mid- december because you can get them done this weekend. record highs could fall on sunday again record high 71 we are forecasting 72. on futurecast still 50 at 10:00 downtown but everybody else in reality in the 40s.
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44 in manassas. by early morning, temperatures only in the 40s. yes, some low 40s. okay, maybe 40 in martinsburg and 42 in winchester, 42 fairfax, 43 in dell city. by 9:00 we are knocking on the door of 50. already 52 i fredericksburg. 51 downtown. this is a day you could take lunch outside. 61 in leesburg. 58 in frederick. and 61 downtown. tomorrow night, not that cold actually. even by 6:00. temperatures still in the upper 50s across the board. our average high is 49 to put this craziness in perspective. by 10:00 we are around 50 in gaithersburg, some 40s. 47 in frederick and 49 in olney but still that's a mild night for us as we go through friday night. for tonight, then, we'll say partly cloudy, chilly, some fog, low temperatures 38 to 48 with light winds. all right. on the day planner looks like this temperatures in the 40s and then 51 by 9:00 but 64 by 1
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p.m. all right. three days, warmer and warmer and warmer. 68 on saturday. 72 on sunday. yes, that would indeed be a record. next seven days, monday showers and thundersto but the bubbling. precip goes north of us and -- but the bulk of the precip goes north
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talk about a change of fortune. a colorado man's luck took a serious change for the better. michael has been homeless for more than six years but on friday, he bought a scratch-off lottery ticket and won a half million dollars. michael's friends explained to us, he is planning to do with his new found fortune -- >> i asked him what he was going to do and he said, you know, he wanted to get some skis and the really wanted to connect with his daughter who he hadn't seen in over 20 years. >> wow. >> probably got a lot of new friends, too. [ laughter ] >> taking home about $400,000 after taxes. >> not too bad. >> i like his friends saying -- >> his money manager.
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a little fog tonight not as widespread as tomorrow. then we are looking at maybe some record highs over the weekend. >> looking good. that's our news at 7:00. lesli foster and michael will be back at 11. have a g it's the holidays. which means a house full of people -- who all want to get online. so it's the perfect time for verizon fios.
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amy, how ar >> fired up. >> amy versus bff j-law. we're talking to today's golden globe nominees. >> on the set with all best and the first timers. >> itha's wt's coming up right now. >> on entertainment tonight. >> it never gets old. >> big celebrations, big disappointments. >> who got snubbed. >> and is schumer's girl squad getting tested? >> plus, lady gaga is lone and a car descent. >> did he hit your car? >> then the kardashians under fire and khloe busted for being a baker faker. >> what is this hollywood bakery is only telling us. >> "e.t." exclusive, megan fox goes on obscenity laced rant. >> why this ninja turtle star is irate. and did dancing's bindi get a


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